To Get A Credit Despite Reputable

There are many lenders on the Internet today who promise to grant a loan without schufa. But not all providers mean it well. Therefore, it is not so easy to find a reputable provider for a loan despite Schufa. We show you what to look for when selecting a provider for a loan without Schufa:

No home visits

Many unserious providers beat home visits! But this is not necessary for a loan without Schufa! Only e-mail contact is sufficient! For counseling, customer service can also be requested by phone. If you are proposed a home visit, it can therefore not be a reputable provider.

No credit check

Although a Schufa loan does not take the customer’s Schufa entry into account, it does not mean that the income does not serve as a credit check. If you are promised a loan with no income or no guarantor, you can expect that this is not a reputable provider In addition, the following conditions must always be met:

  • majority
  • Residence in Germany

Offer of supplementary insurance

Offers of additional insurance are not a good indication for a reputable provider! If you are offered insurance such as life insurance, life insurance, etc., you should keep your fingers off this provider.

Completeness of the loan agreement

For reputable providers, the loan amount must also be complete. This includes the following elements:


The following agreements must be enshrined in the contract:

  • Name of the lender
  • Name of the borrower
  • Costs such as processing fees
  • Usage
  • Interest and term
  • effective interest rate
  • Guarantee if necessary
  • Collateral (for example real estate)
  • total amount
  • loan repayment
  • Cancellation

upfront costs

When soliciting a loan offer, there is never an upfront cost. This is a free service from the lender. Since the first information on the loan is not binding, therefore, no costs are required. However, if you are asked to pay up-front fees, you should switch to another reputable provider.

If a credit agreement is made, it can come to processing fees in hindsight. These are announced in advance!

Seal “credit with responsibility”

The “Responsible Credit” seal may in some cases indicate which provider is reputable. Of course, attention should be paid to all other criteria of the provider for seriousness. The websites that have this seal on their site are mostly checked and reputable!

Which reputable providers of loans, despite Schufa, can I claim?

The best-known providers on the Internet include the following:

  • Maxda
  • smava
  • auxmoney
  • Bon-credit
  • Creditolo

Are too high interest rates a sign of a dubious loaner?

No! Especially for loans despite Schufa entry high interest rates are required. The reason is simple. The lenders who lend without Schufa also want to benefit from lending. The higher effective interest rates allow you to invest money in the customer and then get paid more than you have allocated.

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