6 Loan Brokers: Search for Loans in 21 Banks at the Same Time and Compare Loan Offers





You can use a loan intermediary to apply for loans in several banks and at several lenders simultaneously, with one application. You then get back individual and non-binding loan offers that you can compare. By using a top loan provider that collaborates with as many banks as possible, you can increase your chances of getting the best loan with the lowest interest rate and the desired loan amount.

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  • Loan brokers for consumer loans
  • Mortgage loan for mortgages
  • Why use a loan broker?

5 top loan brokers for consumer loans – Loans without collateral

5 top loan brokers for consumer loans - Loans without collateral

# 1 Centum Finance – 21 Banks and Lenders



Centum Finans is a top loan provider that cooperates with 21 banks and lenders. They provide loans of all sizes. You can borrow as little as $ 5,000 or as much as $ 500,000. Each loan offer you receive is valid for 30 days, so you have plenty of time to compare. My acquaintance then there is not a loan intermediary in Norway that cooperates with more banks and lenders than Centum Finans. This makes Centum Fianans my best bet.

Interest rate example: Effective interest rate 14.14%, SEK 170,000 / 10 years, Cost SEK 137,463. A total of SEK 307,463.

  • Requirements for income: NOK 120,000 a year – Requirements for age: 18 years.

Centum Finans provides loans for: Nordea, Collector Bank, Express Bank, Santander Consumer Bank, Svea Finans, Ikano Bank, BB Bank, member, Nordax Bank, Monobank, Avida Finans, EasyBank, Instabank, Resurs Bank, Komplett Bank, AS Financing, BN Bank, Gjensidige, MyBank, Optin Bank, BRAbank.

# 2 Superfinance – 19 Banks and Lenders



Superfinans offers the provision of loans between NOK 50,000 and NOK 500,000. They cooperate with 19 banks and lenders.

Interest rate example: Effective interest rate 14.00%, SEK 65,000 / 5 years, Cost SEK 24.093. A total of SEK 89,093.

  • Requirements for income: NOK 230,000 a year – Requirements for age: 23 years.

Superfinans provides loans for: Avida Finans, EasyBank, Monobank, Collector Bank, Komplett Bank, Resurs Bank, Instabank, Optin Bank, BN Bank, Nordax Bank, yA Bank, Ikano Bank, Svea Finans, BlueStep Bank, MyBank, BB Bank, Express Bank Bank, Santander Consumer Bank, Gjensidige.

# 3 Lendo – 17 banks and lenders


 Perhaps Norway’s most well-known loan intermediary because of its many TV commercials. Lendo cooperates with 17 banks and lenders. They write on their website that the lowest effective interest rate on loans provided through them is 6.86% and that the highest is 37.3%. They also write that the average is 14.3%.

Interest rate example: If you apply for a loan of, for example, 150,000, which you want to pay down over 6 years, you can get an effective interest rate of 13.4%. The cost will be 64,361 and the total amount you end up paying over the 6 years will be SEK 214,361. But we don’t know exactly what interest you get until you apply.

Lendo provides loans for: BB Bank, Santander Consumer Bank, Ikano Bank, Nordax Bank, member, MyBank, Svea Finans, Express Bank, Monobank, BN Bank, Instabank, Nordea, yA Bank, Gjensidige, Resurs Bank, Avida Finans, Easy Bank.

# 4 AXO Finance – 12 Banks and Lenders

# 4 AXO Finance - 12 Banks and Lenders

 AXO Finance is a good third option for refinancing loans between NOK 10,000 and NOK 500,000. This is a loan intermediary that cooperates with several of the largest and most well-known Norwegian banks for consumer loans. AXO Finance is one of the most well-known and best-rated loan providers in Norway based on feedback from users via the TrustPilot website. There they have a fantastic average score of 9.3 / 10 from over 1,400 user experiences.

Interest rate example: Effective interest rate 13.00%, SEK 150,000 / 10 years, Cost 112.573 SEK. A total of SEK 262,573.

  • Requirements for income: NOK 200,000 a year – Requirements for age: 23 years.

AXO Finans provides loans for: Santander Consumer Bank, Gjensidige, Bank Norwegian, BlueStep Bank, Express Bank, Resource Bank, EasyBank, Ya Bank, Nordax Bank, BN Bank, Komplett Bank, re: member.

# 5 Collect – 10 banks and lenders

# 5 Collect - 10 banks and lenders

 Sambla is the best ranked bank at TrustPilot. The rating is based on over 1,200 user reviews. About the same rank and number of reviews as AXO Finance. Unsure if they are collaborating with any more banks and lenders than the 10 they list on their website. Anyway, they work with at least the 10 in the list below.

Interest rate example: The interest rate is floating and determined individually. For one annuity loan of SEK 100,000 with 9 years maturity, nominal interest rate 9.50% and NOK 0 in establishment / termination fee, the effective interest rate will be 9.92%. Total cost: SEK 149,141. Monthly cost: SEK 1,381 divided into 108 repayments.

  • Requirements for income: NOK 120,000 a year – Requirements for age: 23 years.

Sambla provides loans for: Avida Finans, BB Bank, Collector Bank, EasyBank, Gjensidige, Ikano Bank, Komplett Bank, Santander Consumer Bank, yA Bank, MyBank.

1 Mortgage loan provider – Mortgage loans

1 Mortgage loan provider - Mortgage loans

You can also use a loan broker to obtain many offers on a new mortgage or refinancing of existing mortgages. It works the same way and you just have to fill in one application to receive non-binding offers. Check out Penger.no (advertisement link ) Ex: eff. Interest 2.29%, 2 mill o / 25 years, cost 621.475 kr, totaling 2.621.482 kr. Penger.no is a mortgage lender.

Why use a loan broker?

Why use a loan broker?

These services give you the advantage of letting the banks compete for you as a customer and not the opposite. There are many providers of online loans in Norway who all want more customers – and everyone offers the same product: loan of money. The only thing that separates the banks is often only the costs associated with the loan. It is difficult, or rather impossible for you as a customer to know in advance which bank has the lowest interest rate on your particular loan. This comes first after the bank has decided on several factors such as your personal finances, other debt obligations, credit cards, and more.

Before these services came, it was much harder and more time-consuming to obtain offers from many banks and lenders. One had to contact banks and lenders one by one to ask and negotiate interest rates. Now you can get many loan offers with just one inquiry – completely non-binding. Then it is in the bank’s interest to stretch the furthest and offer the best conditions such as low interest rates, low entry fees and low term fees, as they know that the competition is hard on new customers.


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